Posture Now One of the New Back Braces for Bad Posture?

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Have you been using a back brace to correct your bad posture? Maybe you’ve tried an exercise ball and found it exceedingly difficult to type without any arm support. Posture Now is a new type of back brace that is designed to help people with bad posture. It is a remarkably simple device, and some users might have good luck with it.

Shark Tank

Having been reviewed on Shark Tank, endorsed by celebrity dance coaches and gotten a lot of publicity in other popular media outlets, Posture Now is relatively well known for being a new type of back brace. The device really only consists of three parts. There are two neoprene bands that go around your upper arms, just above the bicep. Connecting them across your back is an elastic strap.


Poster Now Inventors At The Shark Tank Audition

The idea in the design of this brace is that the elastic strap provides enough resistance to encourage you to sit with your back straight, but does not provide so much resistance that it makes it difficult for you to perform any particular task. The neoprene arm bands are comfortable enough and are similar to the types of armbands used by bikers and runners to keep their cell phones and other possessions affixed to their arm when they don’t have pockets. They can be worn for a long period and, provided you don’t have any issues with the substance of which they are made, they shouldn’t cause you any trouble.

The Posture Now Design

posture-wapePosture Now is designed to work by gentle encouragement. This makes it quite a bit different than regular back braces. With a regular back brace, the device actually supports your muscles, allowing you to have proper posture without any real work. Posture Now is designed to retrain your muscles to hold your back in the proper position.

Posture Now is also designed so that it can be worn underneath your clothing. While the device, according to the manufacturer, will be making you more aware of your posture and encouraging you to correct it, nobody else even has to be aware that you are wearing it.

User Experiences

If you head over to Amazon, you’ll find that the preponderance of reviews for Posture Now do lean toward the negative. The number one complaint is that the device is difficult to put on and some users actually claimed that they got bruising from the armbands. Of course, the armbands can be loosened, which would seem to fix this issue. Other users complained that their clothing did not lay over the device in a way that could be described as undetectable and about the manufacturing quality of the device.

Mark, on, have the following review:

“My comment about Posture NOW is this: Use it as much as you need it. When I first got mine, I’d wear it at my desk for 1 or two hours at a time. After a couple weeks my posture improved, so I decreased the time to about 30 minutes in the morning.”

The manufacturer of Posture Now claims that this is exactly the results that users should expect. Use the device for a while and, over time, you will learn to correct your posture naturally. Of course, this will only be the case if there isn’t some underlying medical issue that is causing you to have bad posture. In such cases, the only thing that’s going to help is a visit to the doctor.

Muscle memory and more…

In order for this device to work, you’ll have to start out wearing it for longer periods and gradually work your way down. Muscle memory, if you’re not familiar with the concept, involves retraining your muscles to take certain actions under certain circumstances. The fact that you probably slouch when you sit down in your office chair is sometimes related to muscle memory.

You might have the same kind of results that Mark from claims to have gotten, but it might take you longer or shorter to achieve those results, so listen to your body and realize that your physiology may be much different from the other people who have claimed to have gotten good results with the device.


Before you go ahead and start relying upon back braces for posture, make certain that you’re not doing something else that is going to negate the value of those braces. For instance, all of the back braces in the world aren’t going to offset the effects of sitting on an office chair that is forcing you into an awkward position. Posture Now could be a great addition to what you use to correct your posture and be healthier, but all the back braces in the world cannot fix bad habits or office equipment with poor ergonomic design.

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You may also want to keep in mind that the design of Posture Now is exceedingly simple but that it retails for over $50. Before you make a purchase that big, you may want to consult with a chiropractor, a physician or massage therapist who knows your body and who may be able to give you some additional advice on whether or not it is likely to work.